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He quotes Lucretius, who says that realization of truth is the greatest pleasure in the world. When it is discovered people hardly believe it.

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Traders tell lies because they want to sell their goods but lie for the sake of lie is not understandable. Truth also nips the pride in the bud due to which a person becomes pitiful. He was a consistent opponent of the ornate rhetorical mstyle favored by many Renaissance humanists. If he would have known the truth, he may have not passed the judgment to crucify the Christ. Lie, in the same way, has a beautiful and shiny cover, due to which people like lie instead of truth. Effort and time are required to discover the truth. Every case has been heard for many years in order to find out who is speaking the truth. Whenever they think or take decisions, they use their free will; they stubbornly ignore every belief. Since then, He is illuminating the human minds. It is because it exaggerates things and is full of fancies. When it is discovered people hardly believe it. Said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer. Again he says that there are different kinds of books — some are to be perused lightly, others to be digested and so on. He had set some goals in his life. Aphorisms are straightforward statements that state a truth.

He is known for his proverbial sentences. Truth Ends Pride: The light was the first thing, which the God had created.

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By telling a lie, a liar directly challenges God. When someone realizes the truth, he becomes aware of its importance. He usually uses condensed sentences that are ripened of meanings.

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Effort and time are required to discover the truth. The second reason, which Bacon provides for not speaking the truth, is that it is hard to digest. On the other hand, if the same show is presented with candlelight then it will attract more people; it would definitely give pleasure to the audience. Economy of words is found in the essay not alone, but syntactic brevity is also obvious in this essay. He does not provide his personal opinion or give any examples as to which books are to be read lightly or which are to be digested. Imagery comprising comparison is apt and convincing. Only those lies are harmful that sink in the mind and are difficult to forget. At the end of the essay, we find some morality. It is the compelling quality of truth, Bacon observes, that the persons who do not practice truth, acknowledge it. Bacon advises that whenever a person takes a decision, he should rely on his rationality. Bacon being a literary artist illustrates this concept with an apt imagery that the poetic untruth is but the shadow of a lie. Is poetry a lie? It diminishes the freedom. In Greeks, there was a school of philosophers having skeptics. His essays are the example of this aphoristic style.

You may also like:. Therefore, Bacon concludes his essay with didacticism with a tinge of Christian morality. Man should ever stick to truth in every matter, do the act of charity and have faith in every matter, do the act of charity and have faith in God.

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