Writing a bad reference letter

Avoid Exaggerating Their Skills While refraining from including negative details in your reference letter is advisable, you should also avoid including overly positive information in your reference letter if it is not true.

letter of recommendation for average employee

Employers, however, sometimes feel that this direct approach is not advisable and may choose to write a negative recommendation. Potential employers realize that no job applicant is perfect, so you can present negative comments by explaining how the employee compensates for his weaknesses.

List specific evidence to support your conclusions. Talk about Their Job Performance Now, the quintessential question is: what should be included in the appetiser section of the reference letter? This can also impact your business negatively if the new employer brings legal action.

Balance the negatives with positives throughout the letter and describe the negatives in a tactful manner. Save your letter as a. Many seem to believe that spellcheck is the only thing that matters when it comes to giving a document a second look.

A negative recommendation letter will hurt you far more than no recommendation letter at all. If the employee or student is held in high esteem by his supervisor, the letter will be easy to write.

lukewarm letter of recommendation sample

Use a thesaurus to help find alternate words which will less harshly convey the truth about the employee's performance.

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How to Give a Negative Employee Reference (with Pictures)