Writing a job description lesson plan

esl lesson plan on jobs and occupations

Evaluate student performance on tasks established by the standards using different methods such as observation, performance-based tasks or other standard test practices.

How to Describe Jobs —Target Vocabulary and Grammar Schema Activation 5 Mins Teacher shows a collage made of different jobs and occupations and student identify the professions included there. Working alone, the students think of a job that describes each statement and write the job in the 'My Answers' column on the worksheet.

For example, in a job application letter, the functions of the paragraphs might be something like; reason for writing how I found out about the job relevant experience, skills and abilities closing paragraph asking for an interview Learners are given an essay with the topic sentences taken out, and put them back in the right place.

The quizmaster picks up the top card from the pile e. The students are divided into pairs and each student is given a work skills and preferences questionnaire.

Writing a job description lesson plan

Once students practice the dialogue again, they delete three words from the dialogue and pass it to another group. The students then ask their partner the questions on the worksheet and complete the questionnaire with their answers. Next, students think of a job for their partner based on the work activities he or she likes doing. Students in groups draft a plan of their work, including how many paragraphs and the main points of each paragraph. Students discuss each statement in turn and give their answers. Every member of the group think about two jobs responsibilities. The students are divided into groups of four and each group is given a worksheet. The writing itself can be done alone, at home or in class, or collaboratively in pairs or groups. If a student turns over another picture card, they can start a new sentence to describe that job, so a student maybe working on many sentences at the same time. As the first stage of preparing to write an essay, I give learners the essay title and pieces of scrap paper. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins. This game can also be played in two teams with students coming to the front of the class to give their clues. They have 3 minutes to work alone, writing one idea on each piece of paper, before comparing in groups.

The students are divided into pairs A and B and each student is given a corresponding worksheet. The examination of model texts is often prominent in product or genre approaches to writing, and will help raise learners' awareness of the conventions of typical texts of different genres in English.

describing jobs esl

All the sentences are four word cards long and start with an article 'A' or 'An'. This raises their awareness of the organisation of the essay and the importance of topic sentences.

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