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Help students do a short research report on the resistance of a specific country during World War II.

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The Hero in Me Worksheet Directions: Ask each student to think of a time when she could have stood up for someone else, helped someone else, or maybe even rescued another person or animal.

What You Need: "Contraband" item for each student; look for small objects that like gum, jewelry, or photographs Variety of materials to hide the objects like small boxes, envelopes, or wrapping paper String, tape and other materials kids can use to attach their item somewhere on the outside of their person Hidden Object Discovery slips Hidden Object Discovery Slips Directions: Give each student a contraband item and ask them to choose any materials from the supplies to completely cover or conceal the item.

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Have students use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast that person with Annemarie. Kids must be able to carry the item in some way outside of their body, clothing, or bags. Have them use the atlases and the book to add details to their blank map about places and events mentioned in the novel. What are some of the symbolic meanings of this star? Have them present their symbols to the class and explain what each part of the symbol represents. Hang that note in the appropriate column at the bottom of the page. Hang the stories in a horizontal row at eye level for the class. After students have successfully answered these questions, inspire even greater reflection by encouraging them to craft a letter of recommendation for Annemarie to receive an award for bravery. Students keep their item throughout the day, trying to avoid questions from adults about the item. Give each student a stack of sticky notes and ask them to read all the other stories. Point out that the Star of David and the swastika are two vivid symbols in the novel, and encourage students to create a symbol of their own. The packaging must be visible. Writing Activities As a class, brainstorm a list of other people who have stood up against injustice. She puts it on and says she will wear it until Ellen returns. Hidden Object Challenge readers to transport a hidden "contraband" item throughout their day without getting caught by a grown-up as a means to understanding Annemarie's challenges with hiding things in the book.

The packaging must be visible. Thinking critically In the course of the story, the Star of David appears several times. Have students use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast that person with Annemarie.

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What does Annemarie find on the ground after helping Mama? Synthesizing ideas What did the symbolic statement "Is the weather good for fishing?

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Free Literature Activities: "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry